This is a growing list of articles, books, videos, and other resources related to cultural organizing, as well as links to practitioners. Please share any resources you know about in the comments below.

Writings on Cultural Organizing

Cultural organizing: Experiences at the intersection of art and activism. by Javiera Benavente and Rebecca Lena Richardson

The Culture War in the Civil Rights Movement, by Joe Street

Making Waves: A Guide to Cultural Strategy, by The Culture Group

The Beauty of Transformation: Becoming a Cultural Organizer, by Paul Kuttner

Cultural Organizing as Critical Praxis: Tamejavi Builds Immigrant Voice, Belonging, and Power, by Erica Kohl-Arenas, Myrna Martinez Nateras, & Johanna Taylor

Cultural organizing: An exchange among Amalia Anderson, Caron Atlas, Jeff Chang, Dudley Cocke, Samuel Orozco, Peter Pennekamp, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, and Ken Wilson.

Cultural Organizing for Community Recovery, New Orleans, by Kathie DeNobriga

General Theory of Cultural Organizing, by Dudley Cocke

Will Democracy Survive in the 21st Century? Why Progressive Leaders Need to Know About Cultural Organizing, by Judi Jennings

Videos and Talks

What is Project HIP-HOP: A Participatory Video Research Project, by Project HIP-HOP

Cultural Organizing: The Body Ecology — An Interactive Video-Based Workshop, by Ebony Golden

Carlton Turner — Executive Director Alternate ROOTS

Agitation and Inspiration: The Power of Art and Cultural Organizing, Panel at Netroots Nation 2012


The Arts & Democracy Project

Urban Bush Women, NYC

Roadside Theater, Norton, VA

Highlander Research and Education Center, New Market, TN

The Culture Group

Project HIP-HOP, Boston, MA

Favianna Rodriguez, Bay Area, CA

Culture Strike, NYC

Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, NYC

Alternate ROOTS, Atlanta, GA

The Laundromat Project, NYC

Raíces, the Main Street Project

 Complex Movements, Detroit, MI

Anasa Troutman