Youth Development

Portrait of a Cultural Organizer

I am excited to share with you an article I wrote, which just came out in the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing. It is a biographical portrait of Mariama White-Hammond, the Executive Director of Project HIP-HOP. The piece traces her development as an artist and activist, and looks at the way these two trajectories intersect in moments of synergy and tension. In addition to the writing, the piece includes a few of my comics to help bring Mariama to life. Click on the link below for a PDF of the article.

The Beauty of Transformation: Becoming a Cultural Organizer (PDF)

I want to thank the excellent editors of this special issue of JCT, Erica Meiners and Therese Quinn, and of course Mariama. Here’s a little taste.



Youth Organizing and Transformation

Videos are now available from the recent Community Organizing and School Reform conference at the Harvard Ed School. The quality of the video isn’t great, but the speakers are fabulous. Below is a video of the panel on how youth organizing supports young people in developing and transforming. It features young leaders/organizers from Sistas and Brothas United in the Bronx, the Baltimore Algebra Project, and the United Teen Equality Center in Lowell, MA. They’re joined by Shawn Ginwright, whose excellent book Black Youth Rising has been reviewed on this site.

This conference panel highlights the individual and collective transformation experienced by young adults engaged in organizing — from civic empowerment and consciousness raising, to healing and community building. Panelists share both the outcomes of organizing for young people, as well as the processes by which youth-led organizing groups foster individual and group transformation.

Chair: Meredith Mira, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Dahiana Laucer, Youth Leader, Sistas and Brothas United
Bryant Muldrew, Education Organizer, Baltimore Algebra Project
Shawn Ginwright, Associate Professor of Education, San Francisco State University
Carline Kirksey, United Teen Equality Center, Lowell