Occupying Everything

Which are your favorite “occupations”?

The “occupy” meme is spreading like, well, like a meme, across the activist landscape. Whether because of its inversion of the narrative of a government addicted to overseas occupation, its simplicity, or simply its success, the meme continues to inspire and morph. Here are some of those I’ve run across, some serious, some funny. What am I missing?

1. Occupy Wall Street (of course, the original)

2. Occupy (insert city here): Boston, Seattle, Johannasburg, Warsaw — The list could go on forever. See Wikipedia for a substantial list.

3. Occupy Together: a hub for information on occupations across the globe

4. Occupy the Hood: An occupy movement focusing on people of color

5. Occupy (Insert School Here): Students standing in solidarity with OWS

6. Occupy Sesame Street: Muppets in solidarity!

7. Occupy Art World: Protesting big money’s control of art

8. Occupy Zombies: The undead 99%

9. Occupy Everything: Online platform claiming to have started in 2009, don’t know if it had the same name then

10. Occupy Main Street: Funny video of the 1% protesting the rest of us

11. Occupy OUR classrooms: Discussion forum for educators, parents, and community members

12. Occupy the Internet: For those who can’t make it in person